Energy Efficiency in the Water Sector- Consulting Services for Phase 1 Energy Assessments in the Jordanian Water Supply System

Dorsch Holding GmbH

The Energy Assessments in the Jordanian Water Supply System’s objective was to provide specialized technical and economic consultancy services to improve the energy efficiency of well-fields, pumping stations and booster stations for the domestic water supply in Jordan. Furthermore, it was the objective of the consulting services to support the strategic development of an energy efficient water sector in Jordan by preparing a development concept. This development concept comprised financial and economic analysis of the proposed energy improvement measures as well as generic design criteria and generic implementation, operation and monitoring procedures to support enhancing the quality of related processes.

ECO Consult led the technical assistance and advisory services on the possibility of implementing the development project through Public Private Partnership (PPP) and evaluating different models for Private Sector Participation (PSP) to achieve the most efficient way to reduce electricity consumption. This included analysis of the different functions and phases involved in implementing the project, analysis of the different available funding options, and comparison of possible PPP scenarios versus traditional implementation of the project. The assignment also included analysis of associated risks, Government policies and regulations, public sector environment and capacity, private sector environment, potential barriers to a PSP, financial viability, and suitability of the project’s characteristics to a PSP.