Municipal Capacity Assessment for Regional and Municipal Development Project, Jordan

Research Triangle Institute (RTI)
2005 - 2006

The main objective of this World Bank funded project was to assess the capacity of municipalities to deliver sustainable and affordable services in an efficient, effective and equitable way. ECO Consult partnered with RTI and provided advisory services that examined the financial, institutional, legal and regulatory frameworks which regulate the municipal sector, assign responsibilities and influence the capacity of municipalities to deliver services. ECO Consult provided recommendations to improve the institutional and financial arrangements to enhance the capacity of the organizations working within the municipal sector (both at local and central level) to better perform their functions and deliver services and evaluated the feasibility and advisability of involving the private sector and other potential service providers outside the municipality (e.g. other municipalities, NGO/CBOs and other civil society organizations, other public authorities, etc.) in forging Municipal Service Partnerships for effective, efficient and equitable delivery of sustainable and affordable services.