Strategic Environment Assessment for the Jabal Ajloun Development Area, Jordan

Jordan Development Zones Company
2011 - 2012

The Development and Free Zones Commission (DFZC) has requested that the Jordan Development Zones Company (JDZ) prepare a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), as a Master Developer, for the Jabal Ajloun Development Area’s (JADA) Conceptual Master Plan, the area currently known as the Anjara Military Base.  ECO Consult is conducting the SEA focusing on; (1) biodiversity and ecology as the development falls within a forested area with Haraj lands and (2) stakeholder consultations (including local community members) to ensure their concerns and positioning towards the development is properly documented and taken into account.  The SEA will ensure the sustainable development of JADA according to environmental and social quality objectives. Generally, the assessment focused on three main issues:

  1. Identifying environmentally sensitive areas within the context of the social and economic setting, natural environment, and the built environment, which will constitute the constraint areas to be bypassed by JADA.
  2. Investigating and identifying strategic high level issues that must be considered and addressed by JDZ at an early stage before moving forward with the development, in addition to providing appropriate recommendations on how to deal with those
  3. Identifying potential development level impacts  along with developing a Strategic Environmental Management Plan (SEMP) that includes proper mitigation and enhancement measures as well as requirements that investors will have to follow at a later stage of the development