Development Zones

Achieving economic growth in developing countries is an ever standing objective that governments strive to realize, and development zones or special economic zones are a model implemented to generate economic growth, attract foreign direct investment, increase employment opportunities, spread development gains, and eventually improve local living conditions.  We have worked with governments on setting up and establishing such zones and addressing several dimensions:

  • Putting in place the regulatory and institutional frameworks and associated policies and procedures:  We have addressed in our work the issues of bureaucracy, incentive schemes, streamlined processes, the proper enabling environment, effective one-stop-shops, and the required supporting services.
  • Supporting the zones in attracting private investors:  Having established a solid understanding of the social, political and economic factors directly impacting the business environment in the zones, we worked in support of regulatory agencies as well as Master Developers of the zones on identifying private investment opportunities and attracting associated investments.
  • Supporting Master Developers in identifying sustainable development drivers for planned economic activities in the zones:  We have worked on several mega projects in various development and special economic zones to identify strategically important aspects that need to be addressed to ensure the realization of the social, environmental and economic attributes of sustainable development.

In the Aqaba Special Economic Zones Authority (ASEZA), we have directly worked on developing permitting and licensing systems in.  We have also designed and developed the One-Stop-Shops both in ASEZA upon its inception and in the Development and Free Zones Commission.  In the Irbid Development Area, we have worked with the Master Developer to identify investment opportunities in the zone for the professional services sector.