Present times dictate difficult decisions related to energy and the sustainability of natural resources.  Many a government is facing critical challenges in the energy sector starting with lack of energy independence and security, a huge energy bill, climate change and uninformed public behavior in relation to that.  Consequently, energy has more recently taken a high place on national agendas.  In Jordan, the government is facing these challenges and more due to its absolute independence on external sources of energy.  Accordingly and to face these challenges a shift in strategy has been evolving to achieve energy security and to reduce the gap between energy cost and revenues without impacting the level of service provided Jordanians.  Within this local and global context we have entered the energy domain through:

  • Supporting the government in policy and regulatory reform: We have been engaged in the development of the Jordanian energy sector through working on several energy initiatives and investment projects, provided advise and technical assistance in rewriting policies, laws and regulations and introducing innovative incentive schemes in order to mitigate the risks that these challenges present, and as a proper enabling environment for positive growth of the sector.
  • Developing the enabling environment for innovative solutions in the energy sector: We have supported the government in engaging the private sector in energy investment programs directed towards identifying and implementing projects that support alternative energy sources and clean energy.  We have done that through transaction advisory and technical assistance programs.  From the other end, we have worked with private sector on environmental and social impact assessments and developed related environmental management plans.
  • Engaging civil society and local communities in energy issues and programs:  We have worked closely with local communities on awareness building of the energy issue, the possible solutions and the prerequisites for success on the part of the local authorities, the investors and the local communities.   

ECO Consult has worked with the Jordanian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources as well as large multi-national corporations in the assessment, development and execution of transactions for several renewable energy (wind power and solar), oil shale and gas projects, including detailed environmental and social impact assessments and developing associated environmental and social management plans.