Private Sector Development

Private enterprises, and specifically Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), have long since been identified as the engine of economic growth in developing countries leading to dynamic growth, employment generation, enhanced productivity, improved competitiveness and ultimately better living standards.  Accordingly private sector development is receiving increasing attention by policy-makers in the developing world and by the development community alike.  Within this context, we have worked both with policy makers on creating the business enabling environment and with private enterprise on developing entrepreneurial capacity in a well informed approach that addresses the prerequisites of successful business.  We have worked in two main streams:

  • Supporting policy makers in identifying and establishing effective business enablers:  We have worked closely with policy makers and governmental entities in identifying the proper enabling environment and designed improvement mechanisms for it, including supportive regulatory and institutional frameworks as well as shifting towards a demand-driven approach to market development.  We have also identified impediments to growth and designed mitigation measures for them.
  • Supporting the development of private enterprise:  Our work in this area extended from identifying business opportunities, setting the ground for successful business through informed due diligence and feasibility analysis, developing internal organizational capacity in creating future vision, strategy and business plan, and internal systems and procedures, and ensuring financial sustainability.

We have worked closely with the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) to implement a sectoral analysis of identified business impediments along with short-term and long-term improvement opportunities to address those impediments.  We have also provided specialized assistance to local Jordanian private companies in evaluating investment options accounting for the various associated assumptions and risks.