Public Sector Reform

In the world we live in today, an efficient and effective public sector is the driver behind successful development.  Its role in developing countries starts from setting the policy frameworks to delivering services to citizens.  We at ECO have established a clear understanding through our experience working with public sector in Jordan as well as throughout the region, that responsiveness in policy setting to the general needs and requirements, along with sound financial management and an efficient civil service structure working transparently are key to fine public services.

Understandably, the public sector constitutes the largest spender and employer in developing countries.  Our work is positioned to support it in delivering quality to citizens and achieving development goals with the best value for money through working on governance, government wide management systems, institutional setups, and improved service delivery while all the time observing political, social and economic sensitivities.  Our activities in this arena include:

  • Facilitating policy dialogue and impact evaluation: We have on numerous projects advised on regulatory frameworks, brought together both sides of the equation and advised on expected issues and outcomes and the means to address them.
  • Sectoral restructuring and institutional development:  We have worked with governments on strategic realignment, improving governance structures and institutional frameworks based on role and mandate to achieve lean service delivery.
  • Building alliances and partnerships between the public and private sectors and providing governments with transaction advisory services:  We have established a clear understanding of the role of private sector and civil society in supporting governments through forging alliances and partnerships that serve the general public and enhance national productivity and competitiveness.
  • Business process optimization and service delivery improvement.  Realizing that public services are not a privilege in a civilized and democratic society; rather a legitimate expectation, we have worked with governments on quality service improvement programs that entailed streamlining processes, consulting users, setting service standards, deploying mature management systems, developing customer-centric perspectives, and applying openness and transparency – all that achieved as economically and efficiently as possible.

We have implemented various successful public sector reform projects on all levels in Jordan and outside; to name a few examples, we have supported the Jordanian Government in transforming the Civil Aviation Authority into a regulatory commission, we have supported the Lebanese Government in restructuring the water sector institutions and amalgamating water supply and sanitation establishments, and we have supported the Jordanian government in the establishment of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority.