Water and Agriculture

Water is a prerequisite for sustainable development.  In the MENA region, it is a valuable natural resource that is stretched to the limits and overexploited in an unsustainable fashion.  Realizing the challenges of acute water scarcity in Jordan as well as the region, we have been proactive in the water sector since establishment.  We have worked with governments, private sector, Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to provide requisite solutions for identified issues.  Our good grasp of the prevalent context locally as well as regionally vis-à-vis internationally recognized best practices, and our work in international consortia on water programs puts us at the forefront of consulting firms that provide services in an array of themes:

  • Supporting governments in productive policy dialogue:  Throughout our years of experience, we have worked with governments and policy makers on examining and developing policies and strategies that are put in place, in a participatory approach engaging all stakeholders, to improve sector performance in terms of water resources management, service delivery and responsiveness to the socioeconomic circumstance, all the while taking into consideration the needs of the people and the capacity of governments.
  • Enhancing institutional and regulatory framework on sector level: Our work includes developing institutional and regulatory frameworks for water sector entities, examining governance structures and roles and responsibilities, and advising on key aspects such as tariff setting, pro-poor perspectives and PPP projects.
  • Providing institutional and technical support to water and sanitation service providers: We have worked with utilities on introducing performance improvement set-ups and mechanisms on an institutional level as well as on a technical and O&M level.  This includes but is not restricted to strategy development, cost recovery studies, implementation of decision support systems and operational solutions.
  • Supporting knowledge sharing and cooperation on water issues among countries in the region: We have worked on regional programs that introduce cross-border cooperation and designed regional collaboration vehicles in various areas such as research and development, benchmarking, water resources management, institutional, governance, regulatory and service delivery functions.

We have supported the Ministry of Water and Irrigation in Jordan in reexamining and optimizing the institutional setup of the sector.  We have developed and institutionalized an integrated financial accounting system for the Jordan Valley Authority that operates on a commercial basis to allow the Authority to reach full financial independence.  In Lebanon we have supported  the development of the water policy program working with key decision makers in the Government of Lebanon to assess best practices in sector reform assisting the government to create a consensus for the most suitable approaches for private sector participation.