Alliances and Public Private Partnerships


Building Alliances

Governments and donors are looking towards the future and are seeking to develop more partnerships with the private sector and building strategic alliances with the participation of a variety of stakeholders. Building alliances offers a modern innovative approach that brings stakeholders together to achieve mutual benefit for a vision of development and sustainability, thus addressing the limitations of traditional development assistance in countries, and stimulating private sector participation and increased infusions of investment funds.

ECO Consult has been involved in the design and development of innovative ways to spur cooperation between private sector groups, government, non-governmental organizations, citizens, and local governments in order to revitalize and advance local economies and achieve certain objectives. Our approach is demand driven and consultative, ensures long-term sustainability, and relies on extensive participatory approaches and input from different stakeholders.

Public Private Partnership (PPP) Due Diligence and Transaction Advisory

ECO Consult carries out PPP due diligence analysis as part of a project's planning phase to ensure that it is well developed and designed. This is needed to ensure that PPPs are successful and fulfill the objectives for which they were designed in the first place, most specifically for risk analysis and risk allocation, and for assessment of financial viability, which includes the financial assessment of the selected PPP model and conditions under which the project can be financially successful. Our PPP due diligence services include concept analysis and review of business model in terms of implementability and marketability, Value for money analysis, and confirms that the project is in principle ready for a PPP arrangement. PPP due diligence studies are usually conducted as part of projects' feasibility studies and contribute to the successful design of a PPP arrangement.

ECO Consult provides PPP transaction advisory services to governments and investors ensuring that their interests and those of their stakeholders are fully represented and safeguarded. We advise on the most appropriate transaction form based on the situation. Our PPP services include transaction design and implementation, financial modeling, feasibility studies, risk assessment and management, and working with our partner legal advisors on regulatory assessments and reviews. We have the experience to develop the full suite of transaction documents including TORs, agreements and annexes, announcements, data rooms and information memoranda.

We are able to design financial bid structures based on tariff-for-services or based on unitary payments that ensure an equitable long-term arrangement for the government, the private sector, and services recipients, creating a win-win-win situation.