Environmental Services


Environmental & Social Impact Assessments (ESIA)

There is continuing pressure in the world for development in the fields of industrial, recreational and residential expansion, transport and services infrastructure and energy production.  With this increased pressure, it becomes necessary to ensure that development projects are planned, built and operated in a sustainable way that minimize the negative impacts they can bring to local, regional and national populations and environs, whilst maximizing positive impacts such as improved environments and strengthened economies.

We are a leading firm in Jordan in performing ESIA studies, offering a comprehensive range of assessment services that include social, economic, biological and archaeological components. We are well versed in Jordanian, regional and international donor guidelines, and are able to use this knowledge to develop environmental policies and environmental management plans.

We provide accurate and timely results with a high level of integrity that support decision makers when considering project implementation

Environmental Due Diligence

ECO Consult provides environmental due diligence services to identify and evaluate environmental conditions and implications associated with business operations. Our studies empower our clients, current or prospective owners of a business, with a detailed understanding of future liabilities, market value, indemnity obligations and clean up requirements.

We provide this service with the utmost of objectivity in order to provide our clients with information that is unbiased and founded on reality. In conducting our due diligence studies, our expert consultants maintain a high degree of impartiality in order to produce highly credible reports.

Environmental Economics

As economic activities that impact the environment are increasing, the need to acknowledge the value of both the environment and economic activities is becoming more often needed, and making choices on investments based on those values is becoming necessary. The ultimate goal is to balance economic growth activities and the resulting environmental impacts by taking into account all costs and benefits.

Since its establishment, ECO Consult has been entrusted by government agencies, international donors and private companies to work on environmental economics studies that enable governments and decision makers plan better for future investments that impact the environment and natural resources, and provide them with means and measures to correct prices so that they take into account uncompensated and negative side effects of human activities.

Our environmental economics analysis allows our clients to identify priority investment actions and geographic zones, analyze benefits arising from investments for certain group categories, quantify environmental damages, and assess the feasibility of institutional, policy, and management interventions, along with their costs estimation, cost benefit and cost-effectiveness analyses.