Institutional Development


Business Process Improvement

Our Business Process Improvement services are designed to support our clients in achieving higher efficiency and effectiveness in their operations and to deliver better and more cost-effective services.

Our approach involves mapping and analyzing existing processes, identifying bottlenecks and unnecessary steps, and then streamlining processes to expedite their execution and reduce the associated cost. We ensure that the re-engineered process satisfy all applicable legal requirements (particularly for government institutions); identify and recommend responsibilities and accountabilities; train staff and develop performance measurement systems; and design change management programs to ensure that the new processes are accepted and used by the affected  stakeholders.

The redesign of processes is always done with a view of automation and where appropriate e-enablement. We feel this is a necessary approach to allow our clients to build on our work in the future without the need to redesign again.

Human Resources Management (HRM)

We support our clients in modernizing their HRM practices with the aim of creating a productive and motivated workforce. Specifically, we design recruiting and training policies, develop job specifications and descriptions that are aligned with organization’s strategy, set up performance management systems, which evaluate employees’ performance in the context of the organization’s strategy and values and design compensation systems. We also help our clients implement Human Resources Management Information Systems (HRMIS) and to conduct one-time employee assessment programs.

When there is a need to re-organize and respond to changing economic, performance and financial challenges, we provide our clients with options for right-sizing their workforce, taking into account the organization’s functional requirements, socio-political factors and prevailing laws; and provide redundant staff with packages for a ‘soft landing’, to the extent that finances allow. We use number of tools for this including creating computer-based models to generate multiple scenarios for lay-offs, costs and savings.

Integral to these right-sizing programs are change management plans that ensure the realization of the benefits these programs are undertaken to achieve.

Based on our work in varied sectors, our added value in these areas is our ability to develop an overall appreciation of a client organization’s business and mission and area of work, and design HRM systems that support the achievement of its goals.

Organizational Restructuring

We support public and private organizations’ adaptation and evolvement in response to changing circumstances by conducting assessments of client organizations’ governance, structure, processes and systems, knowledge management, and human resources management practices, and identify opportunities for improvement. Proposed changes are reflective of the organization’s strategic goals and available resources, both human and financial, and take into account external factors such as prevailing laws, sector specific changes and market forces.

Our approach for restructuring organizations considers that new structures have to support the achievement of the organizations’ goals by comprehensively analyzing organizations’ mandates, missions, and governance structure. We ensure that clear reporting lines exist, functions are rationally grouped, and that clear competency-based job descriptions of tasks and responsibilities for administrative units exist in addition to manageable spans of control for managers.

Over the years, we have been commissioned to carry out assessments of organizations’ structures, and our experience includes organizing and facilitating technical assistance for structural, functional and personnel changes, right-sizing programs, design of change management plans, conducting assessments of human resources policies and systems, and appraisal of public and private entities salary scales and design of grading systems.

Strategic and Business Planning

ECO Consult supports clients in developing strategies that guide their long and short term operational activities. We apply a suite of analytical methods, such as Gap, SWOT, PEST(LE) analyses, and stakeholder analysis. With a thorough understanding of a client’s environment, we are able to work with the client to articulate a vision, define their mission, and the strategies and goals to be achieved to realize the vision. We ensure that goals are realistic and achievable within the constraints imposed on the client, and that key performance indicators (KPIs) are designed to allow the client to track their progress.

We translate strategic plans into operational plans that guide the organization towards its vision in manageable phases. We favor a participatory approach to strategic planning, in which we work directly with clients’ personnel, facilitating discussions and encouraging them to propose solutions. This method creates buy-in to the new strategy from within the organization.

To ensure that the strategic plan is implemented and monitored, we can design institutional arrangements for the client to develop in-house capacity to monitor and manage implementation of the strategic plan.