Strategic Transformation


Policy Analysis

We advise and assist governments in informing policy making and engaging stakeholder groups creating successful solutions with established ownership that improve efficiency, modernize service delivery, enhance financial performance and address the needs of the country.

Our approach to policy analysis and formulation is to fully understand issues surrounding a policy concept, assessing the drivers, implications, costs, benefits and the views of stakeholders, thus ensuring policies relevant to the country’s circumstances and prevailing context, and capable of delivering predictable and impactful results. Our policy analysis work includes policy development, policy impact assessment, policy evaluation, policy research, and consultation and facilitation.

Institutional Streamlining         

Achieving efficient service delivery and effective results-oriented government, requires streamlined institutional setups.  For that we support governments in rationalizing the institutional setup of their organizations by comparing functions against mandates, and identifying gaps and overlaps in fulfilling the broader institutional objectives. For that we identify key institutions sectorally, and perform legal and functional reviews of their mandates to discover gaps, overlaps or ambiguities in fulfilling the needs of the sector.  We then develop remedial plans that include institutional restructuring, re-definition of responsibilities, and redrafting legal mandates.

We use best practices and international benchmarking to assess inter-institutional functions and mandates and provide recommendations for merger, elimination, or restructuring of public institutions towards achieving more efficiently organized and results-oriented government.

Pricing & Tariff Studies

We work with utilities and service providers to develop pricing models for their services to arrive at tariff levels that achieve their goals for partial or full-cost recovery, depending on governmental policy at the time and accounting for capital, and operational and financial expenses associated with delivering services. We also design tariff structures that adjust periodically in response to defined triggers and thresholds including time, inflation rate, and cost of inputs or other relevant parameters.

Beyond tariff setting analyses, our consultants are experts at assessing the impact of tariffs on the service recipients in a broader socio-economic context. More specifically, we conduct ability- and willingness- to pay studies to support government’s decision making process on tariff adjustment.

Regulatory Studies

Our strategic focus for conducting regulatory studies is the demand for strategic transformation by policy makers, government, regulators, businesses, and civil society groups in working towards understanding key regulatory issues – legal, economic and otherwise - and their implications on performance of their sectors or industries. We utilize our technical expertise to propose improvements on the regulatory enabling environment through review and analysis of the regulatory framework that governs operations and inter-institutional relations, and analyze effects on society, investment, and market-based alternatives that achieve regulatory goals of the sector.

Our analysis reflects international regulatory best practices in areas significant to the sector or industry vis-à-vis government’s own regulatory framework. The resulting gap analysis informs our recommendations to help decision makers, government officials, and business leaders consider national strategies, priorities, and activities to enhance sectors’ performance and support emerging sector organizations.