ECO Consult hosts an open day to demonstrate its USAID funded Hydroponic Green Farming Initiative to Farmers in Jordan, January 2015

As part of ECO Consult’s Hydroponic Green Farming Project initiative funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID),  ECO Consult’s team hosted on Wednesday the 28th of January 2015 an open day to demonstrate the project’s Hydroponic Green Farming activities and progress at a one of the project’s demonstration sites. 

The event was attended by a number of farmers from different parts of the Kingdom, where ECO Consult’s team presented the project and provided field demonstration and presentation on the benefits of hydroponic green farming. The event focused on the economic and environmental impacts when converting to hydroponic farming, in addition to the enhanced quality of their products. Another main aspect of the project is the focus on the usage of renewable energy to operate the hydroponic farms; by using solar panels to generate electricity for the water pumps, ventilation fans and lights.

Jordan has had past experience in hydroponic farming, namely in strawberries, but this project introduced the lettuce hydroponic farming for the first time in Jordan; where the water savings could reach 90% when farming lettuce hydroponically. 

ECO Consult received a grant from USAID for implementing the Hydroponic Green Farming initiative in September 2013 and the project aims to demonstrate the applicability of Hydroponic Green Farming in Jordan on both large-scale commercial farm level and small scale household level.