Duration: April 2021 - June 2021

Client: Power China

Donor: IFC

Location: Burkina Faso 


    Project Description:

    A private sector development company signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for the development of a power plant in Burkina Faso. PowerChina was appointed as the EPC contractor the project development. IFC are the financing institution for the project. PowerChina appointed ECO Consult to support in certain E&S studies required by the IFC. 

    Provided Services:

    ECO Consult provided key E&S services for the project to include:

    • Security Management Plan (SMP) to meet IFC PS 5 requirements (project located in high risk area)
    • Develop and submit a comprehensive Environmental, Social, Health, and Safety Management System for the construction phase in accordance with IFC PS requirements. This includes an ESHS Manual, Waste Management Plan, Water Management Plan, Air Quality and Noise Management Plan, Worker Accommodation Plan, Worker Grievance Mechanism, Occupational Health and Safety Plan, Local Community Health and Safety Plan, and others.