Transforming governance structures and improving organizational performance for accountability, the efficiency of public sector services, and wider public participation 


Transforming governance structures and improving organizational performance for accountability, efficiency of public sector services, and wider public participation.

ECO Consult’s experience in public sector reform programming in Jordan and the Middle East has spanned over 25 years, including:

  • Providing institutional support.
  • Improving public services.
  • Governance restructuring.
  • Separating regulatory functions from service delivery functions.
  • Building partnership frameworks with businesses and community groups.

With regards to environmental management and governance in the public sector, ECO Consult has played a pivotal role in shaping compliance frameworks, designing and implementing water utilities transformation programs, and supporting public sector institutions in developing regulatory and tariff regimes to support application of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

At ECO Consult, we know that driving change extends beyond just developing new systems and processes; we also need to change organizational culture, motivate and influence public behaviors, and set communication strategies.  To this end, we work collaboratively with senior management and technical teams to design change management plans and empower teams toward implementation.

ECO Consult is currently working with the Greater Amman Municipality to develop and instill environmental and social management and governance systems in the solid waste, public transport, and street lighting sectors.   


Public and Municipal Services

In the Middle East region, the scarcity of natural resources and competing interests for public funding push the need for higher efficiency and improved organizational performance. At ECO Consult, we have constantly been at the forefront of working with water and wastewater public utilities to:

  • Set strategic directions.
  • Improve financial performance and cost recovery.
  • Cultivate information systems and automation operations.
  • Build governance systems for transparency, accountability, participation of consumers and communities.
Organizational Development

ECO Consult has supported the organizational development of entities such as health, investment, energy, and water ministries, in addition to local public entities, including special economic zone commissions and regional authorities. We implement a science-based process to organizational development that helps these entities strengthen their capacities to create change and achieve greater effectiveness. Our multi-level interventions include:

  • Covering transformational change.
  • Setting corporate strategies.
  • Building improved structures and workflow systems.
  • Developing human process interventions.
Fiscal Management

Driving economic growth and stable investment climate requires robust financial management systems that are effective, transparent, and accountable. ECO Consult supports organizational change with partners and counterpart organizations, such as income and sales tax, budget departments, and line ministries.

Our technical expertise in the fiscal reform sector is equipped with collaborative planning and consensus building approaches and tools to improve financial management systems. We work on gender mainstreaming, child budgeting, and implement interventions in strategic communication throughout the process.




Civil Society Support and Advocacy

ECO Consult supports civil society organizations develop a more active and effective civil society and a better-informed public to facilitate policy reform that responds to citizen’s needs. Civil society sustainability is largely built on the ability to generate grassroots support, trust, and a diverse range of local and international funding. To this end, we focus on regional priorities, including natural resources management, livelihood and community resilience, private-driven economic reform, and decentralization.

We work with national NGOs, community-based organizations, business associations, and local partnerships to:

  • Create greater civic engagement.
  • Increase public awareness.
  • Create capable networks of organizations that constructively engage in advocacy, while representing the interests of citizens.

Our Projects


The USAID-funded Jordan Health Finance and Governance Activity (HFG) aimed to improve health sector sustainability and resilience in Jordan over five years. The activity supported...