The Office of the Eco Consulate, superintendent of the Gardening Development Project in Iraq received both Mr. Dara Mohammed Jamil, the adviser to the Prime Minister for Food Security Affairs in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and Mr. Ghazi Faiq Haji, Director General of Planning and Follow-up at the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, in a visit They have to look at the efforts of Eco Consult in Strengthening the horticultural sector in Iraq and supporting modern agricultural technologies. The Horticulture Development Project team, funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reviewed its current and future agricultural projects, which aim to boost competitiveness in the horticulture sector and improve the quality of agricultural crops in accordance with climate change. The team accompanied the guests on a field visit to one of the investment projects in Erbil in the framework of promoting cooperation and coordination between the public and private sectors and looking forward to model agricultural projects in order to benefit from these experiences and investments in this sector.

Dara Mohammad Jamil, Prime Minister's Advisor on Food Security in KRI, and Ghazi Faeq Haji, Director of Planning and Monitoring at the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, paid a visit to ECO Consult's office to learn about its efforts in strengthening the horticulture sector in Iraq. As the implementing partner of the Iraq Horticulture Program (IHD), which is funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ECO Consult presented to the guests its current and future projects aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the horticulture sector and improving the quality of climate smart agriculture. As part of fostering public-private partnerships, the ECO Consult team accompanied the delegates to one of the private investment projects in Erbil to learn about such investments and experiences.