It's a wrap! The knowledge exchange visit between Jordan and the Kurdistan region of Iraq was a success! We discussed: #hydroponic farming, #fertigation units, drip #irrigation systems, #climate control systems and ##postharvest

This is a significant milestone in our vision to transfer knowledge to the region regarding advanced and innovative agriculture technologies.

Under the The Iraq Horticulture Development Program important pillar of shaping the regional approach on exchange of best practices on advanced and innovative agriculture technologies, we wrapped up the week-long knowledge exchange visit between Jordan and the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

The visit successfully conveyed to the stakeholders the benefits of hydroponic farming, fertigation units, drip irrigation systems and climate control systems in addition to understanding the impact on both traditional single tunnel and multi-span greenhouses. This was also an occasion to observe the different approaches for postharvest and how packing considerably raises the value of products and farmer revenues.

We were honored to facilitate the professional interaction between academia, private and public sectors whom will take back insightful information to apply in their own area of expertise.

We would also like to reiterate our gratitude to the Dutch government NL Global Issues & Embassy of the Netherlands in Jordan for making this project possible and to the HAED-Jo Jordan Hydroponic Agriculture and Employment Development Project for welcoming us on their sites.