4 farmers participated in a lecture on modern processes, technologies and technology related to agriculture and specifically aquatic agriculture. The Horticulture Development Project in Iraq held this lecture in Baghdad on January 20th as part of its rural efforts to develop the horticulture sector using the latest agricultural methods. In the context of this lecture, the gardening project pointed out that aquaculture exceeds its production twice as much as traditional farming, which consumes less than half the amount of water needed for the water, and also features a high quality production without residues and competition with imported crops. The lecture may follow a field visit to a farmer to show the methods of managing protected agriculture projects in Baghdad.

A seminar on modern agricultural methods and technologies was conducted on January 30 in Baghdad by the Iraq Horticulture Development Program (IHD), which was attended by 26 farmers. The IHD conducted this seminar, focusing on hydroponic agriculture, as part of its effort to promote the horticultural sector using modern agricultural practices. Hydroponic agriculture is more than twice as productive as conventional agriculture, according to IHD, and uses less than half of the water needed for irrigation. This new farming method is far higher in quality and residue-free, allowing it to compete with imported crops. The seminar was followed by a field visit to one of the farms in Baghdad to learn about protected agriculture methods.

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