One of the priorities of the royal agenda is the creation of a strong, independent Jordan in the dirt of sectors. Food security and the adoption of modern agricultural practices are one of these foundations in such a system especially with the intensification of climate change and the need to empower farmers to respond to renewable needs. This was manifested through the visit of His Majesty King Abdullah II to the Wadi of Jordan yesterday evening. We are very proud that two of His Majesty's stations in this visit are for our partners who have a key role in the HAED-Jo project launched in 2017. This pioneering project carried out by ECO Consult and supported by the Dutch government was able to prove this by providing technologies, knowledge and training to Jordanian farmers and creating competencies to cultivate high-quality crops competitive in global markets. Please follow the following links to learn more about His Majesty's visit;

During his visit to the king confirms the importance of supporting farmers to increase production and export | Opinion Newspaper (

And for more about the aquatic agriculture project and job creation in Jordan, you can follow the link;