As part of the Make Horticultural Knowledge Work project, ECO Consult organized an integrated pest control course from 12-16 January 2021 which was held in Amman - Jordan by engineer Khalil Amr.

The course included several theoretical sessions as well as an application visit to Abu Saydo farms in northern Laghuar.

The course discussed many topics such as theories and concepts of Integrated Pest Control Management, Biological Control, Pest Control, Key Pests in Protective Agriculture, Open Field Diseases and Protective Agriculture and also Practical Field Diagnosis.

Within the Make Horticultural Knowledge Work Project, ECO Consult organized the Integrated Pest Management Course, from December 12-16, 2021. The course was hosted in Amman - Jordan and conducted by Eng. Khaleel Amro.

The course included theoretical sessions in addition to a practical visit to Abu Sido Farms in northern Jordan Valley.

The Integrated Pest Management Course addressed several topics such as the IPM management theory and concepts, biological pest control, pest monitoring, major pests in protected agriculture, diseases in open field and protected agriculture, and also the practical field diagnosis.